Validation Rules for Zoom Meetings/Webinars

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
POST /users/{userId}/meetings

As part of development of an application I need to check validity of a Meeting/Webinar passcode before creating the Meeting/Webinar.
The flag options for Meetings / Webinars passcode validation are present in the Zoom GUI in the Zoom Account settings, and those same configs are reflected in the output of GET /accounts/{accountId}/settings

While the rules mentioned in the API documentation and GUI are mostly self-explanatory, the rule related to “consecutive characters”, is not completely clear:

  • “qwert” is mentioned as example of consecutive character: does this imply that all subsequent sequences of keys on a QWERTY keyboard (from left to right) are classified as “consecutive characters”? If yes, is this rule checked against other keyboard formats (Coleman, Dvorak)?

Additional questions related to this topic:

  • I was unable to find a more formally defined list of constraint that a Webinar / Meeting password must abide. Is this officially documented?

  • Does Zoom exposes or is planning to expose an utility API endpoint that only performs the validity of a given passcode against the current configuration of an User/Account?


How To Reproduce