Video cropped and low quality in landscape

  • Unexpected Video SDK Behavior:
    1.Install Zoom react native video sdk on android
    2.Call from on android device to another android device
    3.One small device is portrait other big device is in land scape
  1. Remote Video is cropping on landscape device

Video is showing cropped on android device In landscape mode and video quality is very low.

There are discussion available on Zoom dev portal but these are related to video sdk for web

Code I am using on both apps is

used the enableOriginalAspectRatio(true) on both devices But still issue

@zoom/react-native-videosdk@1.11.0 on receiver device (testing device )
@zoom/react-native-videosdk@1.10.10 on sender device

Receiver device (testing device ) orientation 1232 width and 800 height

**If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.
I have attached two images. One is on portrait mode that looks better then landscape mode of same device.In landscape video is blurry and cropped.

  • Sender Device Pixel 6 Android 13 tested in portrait mode
  • Receiver device (testing device) Android 9 1232 Width * 800 Height Testing on landscape mode

Hi @enquiries1

The example app uses VideoAspect.PanAndScan which zooms in the video to fit the container.

You can use videoAspect={VideoAspect.LetterBox} to fit the video in the container and display blackbars for the rest of the container.


                style={{ width: 500, height: 500 }}

See: VideoAspect | @zoom/react-native-videosdk