Video receiving deactivated while sharing screen

We got a case where a host encountered issues when sharing his screen.
This is due to low CPU specs on his machine and we already know that the zoom web SDK would for example automatically deactivate his video if low CPU conditions are detected.
But here we had the opposite effect: his video continued to stream to the other participant, but the other participant video was deactivated time to time until he stopped to share his screen.

The screen share started at 16:07 and finished around 16:33.
We can see a drop of the frame rate as soon as the screen sharing starts, showing a potential CPU lack. Audio was also affected at same time, introducing packet loss as well on the audio received.
Here is the video graph of the host:

The host did not deactivate / reactivate the other participant video, and the other participant video is still streamed all along, here is the other participant view:

As shortly explained, we know that zoom web SDK would stop the video of the participant sharing the screen if CPU is lacking. But this did not happen here, and instead we can see a deactivation of the received video time to time.

Could you please investigate on that & explain to us how this can happen ? I can provide you the meeting ID if you need it.

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  • Device: Chrome OS
  • Browser: Latest chrome release for chrome OS

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Hey @nvivot,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. I have notified our Web SDK engineers and they are investigating it. (CS-2496)

I will keep you updated.


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Thank you @tommy for re-opening this topic.

We continue to see this behavior time to time and as previously explained we would like to understand the reason(s) of this.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Thank you for letting us know @nvivot , I will keep you updated on the fix. :slight_smile:



I would just like to ask if there is any update on this issue?


Hey @lfrancia,

I don’t have any new information in regard to this bug but I can see that our engineering team has it in their backlog. Just to clarify, are you still seeing this issue with the latest version of the Web SDK (v1.9.1)?