Video SDK in Rails

Video SDK in Rails

  • I was trying to enable the recording option in Video SDK. Can anyone help me out in this.
  • Is there any gem used in rails app to config the Zoom?
  • Do we need to use the react app as I could see the Pure JS is not working as expected from the web sample?
  • Can you share me the steps to setup and test the video SDK?

HI @hari ,

Thank you for your post. I’d have to do more research on your second question, but as for the others:

  • Recording needs to be enabled on your Video SDK-specific Zoom account. You can configure those settings at Sign In | Zoom (make sure you are logged in with your Video SDK account)
  • Once enabled on your account, you can follow these steps to set up recording within your application
  • For a more detailed implementation, please see our sample application
  • In addition, the Pure JS sample should be working without issue in the above sample application. Could you detail what errors you’re running into when trying to run it?


Hi @rehema.zoom,
Thank you for the response. In Pure JS, I couldn’t able to see the recording option and screen share options. It looks like just a video call.

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