Video SDK JWT token issue

We are trying to get video session recording (we are paying VIDEO SDK customer) running but we have some technical issues with JWT tokens.

As for the JWT → we are getting 401 response (error 124) with a valid JWT


Accept: application/json

Authorization: bearer [REDACTED]

{“code”:124,“message”:“Invalid access token.”}


JWT token was valid as per during the testing time.

I am not able to post the entire trace … limited by zoom to 2 URLs only



Hi @lukas.busek ,

Please never post sensitive information like an access token.

When did you notice your token no longer working? Can you try generating a new one?

Thank you,

Hi Gianni,

Token was no longer valid hence I took the chance :-). Anyway here is our issue:

We generate JWT for our standard video calls. That works fine. When we the same logic to generate JWT for recording auth … we get > > > > > > > > > 401 response (error 124) with a valid JWT

It never worked for us … since we started the implementation of the recording functionality.



We get the same response with a newly generated token as well. Thankjs

@gianni.zoom … any help or suggestion? thanks

Hi @lukas.busek ,

Thank you for your patience! I was OOO yesterday.

Did you try using the JWT that you generated with your standard video calls as opposed to creating a new one?

@gianni.zoom …thanks for coming back to me. Here is the workflow:

  1. user creates a video call
  2. we use Zoom callback to inform the backend that a video call has started
  3. we retrieve the ID that we use to associate the actual event (our onw event)
  4. we generate JWT
    —> we get 401 result

Zoom Recording token holds different information than the one for recording.

Are you saying that we should try to reuse an existing JWT? I did not see that anywhere in the documentation.

How are your other customers using it?



Hi @lukas.busek ,

Thank you for sharing this. There may be some gaps in our documentation confusing implementation:

Our Web Video SDK documentation says to use a VIDEO_SDK_JWT:

Alternatively, our Video SDK APIs for cloud recording has the authorization method as OAuth and then passing the JWT App JWT in the download_url that’s returned in the response body for password protected cloud recordings.

  1. Could you clarify which documented guidance you were referencing?
  2. Can you confirm if you were ever successful in retrieving recordings and the steps you took to do this?

Thank you,

@gianni.zoom … look like there is some confusion. I am not talking about recording retrieval.

We have a problem STARTING (initiation) a recording session. We are unable to tell ZOOM API to START recording.



@lukas.busek ,

It looks like you are leveraging a Get request to start the recording. Instead, to start the recording you want to make a Patch request:

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