Video SDK React Native Live transcription sdk Error

I’m currently seeing ZoomVideoSDKError_Dont_Support_Feature when attempting to zoom.liveTranscriptionHelper.startLiveTranscription().

This feature previously worked fine on my test device and application. Is there anyway to see more details there?

I’m reading around that the account needs to support this feature. If this is true how do I setup the developer Video SDK account to support this feature as I don’t see a toggle for it in the Account settings?

Please help, Live transcripts were showing fine up until a couple weeks ago when this started happening.

Video SDK Universal Credit Plan makes it seem like the feature needs to be paid for where a couple weeks ago it was working without throwing the “ZoomVideoSDKError_Dont_Support_Feature” error .

I called the sales department and talked for a while but they just asked me to open a ticket, which attempting to open a ticket told me to post here.

Does anyone working at zoom look at these or is it just a resource for developers to talk to each other?

@ray1 ,

I’ll PM you on this

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