Video SDK sendChatToAll crashes the app

Upgrading the SDK version 1.6.2 to 1.8.5 caused a crash when I called the sendChatToAll function
I’ve checked the latest version (1.9.6 for now) which reproduced the same bug.
These all happened on a real device and the OS was 11 but also reproducible with 10.

Here is the error log:

A/rsta.digiintap:] JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: GetStringUTFChars received NULL jstring]     in call to GetStringUTFChars]     from int us.zoom.internal.IZoomVideoSDKChatHelper.sendChatToAllImpl(long, java.lang.String)

I tried running a sample app to check if the bug was actually from SDK but clicking the join button also caused a crash with the same error so I failed to do so.

When I tried the production version of this app, there was no problem but this will largely affect the debugging process so I still need help!!

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