Videosdk/sessions unsupported operator


i have an error calling videosdk/sessions Video SDK API endpoint.

Retrieving a list of sessions everithing goes well, like:

Adding session_name param always get error response.

is retrieved by the previous call

“code”: -1,
“message”: “Unsupported operator.”

I’m having the same issue. Please assist

bumping this as I’m still seeing the same issue

Hi @alessandro.succi and @dev.isv.zoom
are you still seeing this issue on your end?
Please let me know, I am happy to look into this

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Yes @elisa.zoom the issue persists

Thank you for your help!

Same here, issue still happening

Thanks @alessandro.succi and @dev.isv.zoom
I will send you both a DM so I can get more details!

Hi Elisa — I’m having the same issue. Removing the session_name parameter fixes it. Can you shoot me a DM as well?

Hi @sam.ballantyne
I am already investigating this issue and will keep this thread updated with my findings :slight_smile:

Hi @dev.isv.zoom @sam.ballantyne @alessandro.succi
We found a bug on our end that will be fixed this weekend.
Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention

Awesome, thank you so much!