Virtual background videos not working

Setting a video as a virtual background in in-app Zoom settings fails. I had a similar problem with images a while back but was able to fix by setting the app’s iTunesConnect organization/team identifier. That did not affect virtual background videos.

Related issue for image virtual backgrounds not working (and resolved):

Which version?

Hi @stalefishlabs, thanks for the post.

Can you please provide some additional context around the issue you are seeing so that we may investigate this further?

  • macOS version
  • Is this issue through the default UI or are you setting this programmatically?
  • Does the device you are using have an M1 chip?


Thanks for the help. macOS version is Big Sur 11.1. This is through the default UI (not programmatically) but we are using Zoom in custom UI mode. This is on a Macbook Pro but NOT with M1 chip. I should also add that video virtual backgrounds work fine for me in the normal Zoom app - the same default background settings for adding/choosing videos works in Zoom, not in our Zoom SDK app.

Hi @stalefishlabs, thanks for the additional info.

If you are modifying the video filter or virtual background settings programmatically, please ensure that your camera input device is recording before changing settings. If the camera is not on, there is no way to update this feature.


This is a screen shot of what happens when selecting a video as a virtual background in our Zoom SDK app. The thumbnail is diagonal gray/black (blank) and the preview above it would show the normal camera with no background (I had it covered here). As a comparison, the same video works fine as a virtual background in the normal Zoom app chosen through the same settings.

So it’s possible something’s amiss with the handling of the video file itself since the thumbnail doesn’t render properly…?

Hi @stalefishlabs, thanks for providing the screenshot.

Strange, this is definitely not something I have encountered before with the SDK. Does this only happen with one specific video or for all video backgrounds?

Is this specific to Big Sur, or is it present on all versions of macOS?


I can verify this happens with all videos and on Big Sur, Catalina, and Mojave, so there doesn’t appear to be an OS dependency.

Hi @stalefishlabs,

Thanks for confirming that. Can you also please let me know if this is specific to one video or if it’s happening for all video backgrounds?


Hi @stalefishlabs, I’m encountering the same issue you had with setting a virtual background image.

I tried adding the Team identifier when initialising the SDK, however that did not help.

The useBGImage calls returns with a 0 error, and if I open the Zoom settings, I can see the background selected, however the video preview appears as if there is no background.

Toggling on Green screen makes the background appear however it does look quite bad with green screen. (The test device supports VB without green screen).

Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

It is happening for all video backgrounds.

@rami somehow setting the team identifier fixed the problem for me, but ONLY for images. I do recall being able to turn on green screen and images sorta working (but weirdly pixellated) before the team identifier change.

Videos still aren’t working for me at all, they always appear blank in the preview and no background.

I’ve just gotten it to work - I needed to use the “Developer ID Application: xxx” key rather than the “Apple Development: xxx” key.

Just tried video - does not work on our test MacBook Pro. Will update if we get it working.

Hi @stalefishlabs (and welcome to the dev forum @rami!)

I have been trying to reproduce this issue in our sample app, but am able to successfully add and preview video backgrounds through the settings menu. Can you please try to reproduce in our sample app as well to rule out anything that may be causing this from within your dev environment?


video filters also not available in Linux

Hi @ami111,

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