Virtual Main room view, to be shown in the breakout room!

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We approach the entire event like a live event style where we have VIP in breakout rooms/green room so they talk with each other at ease privately and when their timeslot has arrived, they will be accosted back to the main room for their presentations/speech. (Please see my other thread on seamless connectivity features that link this topic up) - Moving of people from Breakout room back to main room by CO-host

But as the VIP wait in the green room/holding room aka. breakout room. Unlike real-world events where they can engage in small talks with some people instead of everyone, they cannot do so in a virtual event, so we need the ability to have a screen to broadcast back to them in realtime what is happening in the main room so they can also listen in to what’s happening out there, like in a real-world green room.

Describe the solution you’d like
In the main room, the virtual camera of the host is fed a PGM out of a software video switcher or hardware video switcher. That’s spotlighted for every attendee to see.

However, VIP in the breakout room has no idea of what’s happening out in the main room and they will be frustrated to have to be kept in the breakout room for a long time so it would be good to have an option for us to add a virtual “TV view” of the main door session.