Moving of people from Breakout room back to main room by CO-host

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We use the platform and handle it as if it’s a live event. We have breakout rooms that act as VIP and holding rooms, for internal closed-door, briefing, and onboarding of speakers/presenters.

Once the time is up and they are required to go on stage aka. the main room, we will lead them back to the main room.

BUT, we are frustrated by the fact that this step is not seamless and transparent to them. Often times, an assistant/a staffer/minder will have to click on “Leave” - “Leave Breakout Room” in order to execute this process.

We want to mimic the process like real life where we treat the VIP with the utmost ease, where he/she does not have to do a single thing and just be relaxed and go up the stage without having to do all these.

Describe the solution you’d like
Allowing co-host in the breakout room to let these VIP to be sent to the main room by allowing us to remotely execute the “leave the breakout room” action ourselves on behalf of them.

We will have a clear list of VIP whom we have clearly brief about these and they will be ready to leave the breakout room. Without for us to tell them, “sir, it’s time for you to click, “leave” in order to leave the breakout room to enter the main”

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