Vue JS client initialization error

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i’m following the link

so i npm installed the SDK and set up the

configureWebpack: {
    plugins: [
        new CopyPlugin({
            patterns: [{

in my vue app, I do
const client = ZoomVideo.createClient();
client.init(‘en-US’, ‘/public/zoomlib’);

( i tried different paths to the zoom assets - none of them work. i’m not sure if it’s a path issue either)

Browser Console Error

vue.runtime.esm.js:1897 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘getDisplayMedia’)
at Function.checkSystemRequirements (index.umd.js:1)
at e.value (index.umd.js:1)
at o.mounted (Zoom.vue:29)
at rt (vue.runtime.esm.js:1863)
at Un (vue.runtime.esm.js:4235)
at Object.insert (vue.runtime.esm.js:3158)
at O (vue.runtime.esm.js:6390)
at wr.patch (vue.runtime.esm.js:6609)
at wr.Rn.e._update (vue.runtime.esm.js:3960)
at wr.r (vue.runtime.esm.js:4081)

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i found the solution. i didn’t run the script under
so it wasn’t a secure environment.

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Happy to hear you found the solution @simkin ! :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing!


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