Waiting Room Service return code

HHi ,
I am using the mobile SDK iOS version and developing with Swift code. I found that the return of waitingRoomService.put(inWaitingRoom:) changed.

In SDK version 5.11.3, it returns a boolean true/false representing success or not.

In SDK version 5.13 and above, it returns a MobileRTCSDKError(rawValue: ), 0 should mean success, and 1 is failed.

Is there any other return I need to handle? Cause I can’t find the error reference on the SDK website.

Thank you so much.

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Alex LO

Hi @lemon97213,

Thank you for posting on our developer’s forum.
We only have three different return values for the function “putInWaitingRoom”. MobileRTCSDKError_Success, MobileRTCSDKError_WrongUsage & MobileRTCSDKError_InternalError. We can treat the success return as true and others are false.
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Hi @elaine.ku

Thank you so much. Your answer is very helpful. :sunglasses:


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