Waitroom admit all user join meeting

Hi @carson.zoom:
I’m customizing participants viewcontroller.When wait room have more then one person, have a button in view that admit all users to meeting. I’m not found the method that admit all user to meeting. I used the following api to implement.but I need cycle call this api and need delay 1 second call every time, otherwise this api return 0 means admit failed.Example: Wait room have 10 persons , I need 10 seconds admit all user join meetings.This is not reasonable.

  • (BOOL)admitToMeeting:(NSUInteger)userId;

When I used this api I found some problems. I don’t receive the “- (void)onWaitingRoomUserLeft:(NSUInteger)userId;” callback , when the user joined, I can receive “- (void)onSinkMeetingUserJoin:(NSUInteger)userID;”.This will lead to when the user joined metting, I don’t accurate remove the user in waitroom.

zoom sdk whether or not have the api that admit all waitroom users to meeting or other method to implement this requirement.
I used iOS sdk , version is 4.6.21666.0428.

Hi @carson.zoom,
I need help, thanks!

Hi @ios_feifei,

Thanks for the post. Currently we do not have an interface to admit all users at once. There is a rate limit for calling the interfaces so calling it too frequent will results in admit failed.

The callback onWaitingRoomUserLeft will be triggered only for the host or co-host.

I have forwarded this as a feature request to the engineering team and the team will investigate the possibility of having the ability to admit multiple users at once.