Is it possible to tell the difference when the Host "admits all" and "admits one-by-one" participants to the meeting?

I’m using the following callback to identify when a user enters the meeting

void onMeetingUserJoin(List<Long> userList)

This is invoked when the Host admits user in the waiting room to the meeting. My question is: is it possible to know if Host admits him as a result of clicking on the button “Admit All”, or the Host clicks on the user’s name to admit only him.

Hi @phong.nguyen, thanks for using our SDK.

There is no functionality within the SDK that would provide that distinction. If you want to achieve that functionality, it would be possible by implementing your own InMeetingWaitingRoomController.InMeetingWaitingRoomListener. Once you have an instance of that listener, you may listen to onWaitingRoomUserJoin and programmatically add the members from the waiting room via InMeetingWaitingRoomController#admitToMeeting. Beyond those calls, tracking and implementing an “Admit all” feature would be entirely up to you.


Hi @jon.lieblich, thanks for your suggestion.