Zoom Integrate With Laravel


I’m developing an online platform using Laravel. here we will have multiple teachers and multiple students.
so teachers can create multiple events [meetings] and can join students who accepted it. like

Teacher x → create event → have 20 students

Teacher y → create event → have 40 students

And we may have more meetings same time. so we can’t host all. teacher can host meeting and forward.

like that. but we don’t want to make this a meeting. it should be like a webinar. but if the teacher needs to talk with the student. The teacher can ask to unmute their mics. so by default, only teachers can stream so like a webinar.

I’m using the Laravel platform.

can anyone suggest what is the best way to forward with zoom and? what is the package which needs to purchase from zoom to continue with that?

Hi @alpdetails,

Thanks for reaching out!

If you’re interested in integrating Zoom, you will likely want to use a combination of our APIs (for creating and scheduling live meetings) and our Web SDK (for embedding the Zoom Meeting/video experience on your site/app). You can find our API docs here:

And our Web SDK here:

Note that it’s free to develop with our APIs and SDKs, but certain features and functionality are only offered with specific plans.

For example, our Cloud Recording endpoints require a Pro or higher plan (which you already have), so you wouldn’t be able to utilize these endpoints if you were on a Basic plan. Each endpoint in our documentation lists prerequisites for which type of plan you might need, if required. An example:


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