We are not clear about the documentation URL content needed for Zoom approval

Hii @ [Tommy Gaessler]
What all should be included in the documentation needed for Zoom to publish the App on Zoom Marketplace?

  • Should the documentation include complete details of the App or the Zoom integration?
  • Should we include the details of the operations performed by the user once the user is logged into the Application?
    I wanted to know what should be added in the documentation URL.


  • While submitting our app on Zoom Marketplace the documentation Url was marked as optional but after submission, it got rejected and was showing that documentation Url is mandatory.

Hello @dr.rohitarora78 The Documentation URL is required for approval. Always has been

Documentation URLs have simple requirements they need 3 things

How to add/authorize the integration

Basic usage instructions

Removal/ Uninstallation Instructions

You can add any other details to give your users more context but the documentation should include the above regardless.

Regards, Kwaku

Thank You @kwaku.nyante
Could you please explain in details. Means how could I get the details about usage instructions and authorize the integration.

Hello @dr.rohitarora78

Please refer to this Submission Checklist

I don’t know how I can tell you how to create usage instructions for your own integration that’s something you have to come up with.

Regards, Kwaku

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