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I don’t think a guide document is necessary, do I have to submit it?
I saw an app that doesn’t have a guide document on the marketplace.
I don’t want our app to provide a separate guide for use.

[Review feedback]
This resource must redirect to detailed instructions on how to add, use, and remove the integration and must be included in the Documentation URL textbox in your next submission. We recommend you to kindly adjust your Knowledge Base Content to include all of the required content from this URL:

Hello @works_app

Can you please let us know which app this is please? this is a requirement unless there is a specific limitation but we still need to review the documentation in all situations for the App to be Published on the Zoom Marketplace.

Regards, Kwaku

Thank you for your reply.

App information
Client ID: dkAXxrQTvCu3L98AQoufA
App name: LINE WORKS

Hello @works_app
Not the name of your app the name of the App with no documentation.

Regards, Kwaku

You mean the documentless app on the marketplace!
This is the app on the link above. There is no document here.

Hello @works_app thanks for bringing this up. Could have potentially been missed and were working on resolving this, But this is a requirement please work on what is needed for your Zoom Marketplace Integration to be published at the moment.

Regards, Kwaku