We need help and guidance / documentation inks to achieve the following


1.) How can we integrate the API to our .net application ?

2.) How can we will initiate video call from within our application ? 

3.) How we can schedule meeting on zoom using our application ? Meaning that the calendar has a link which states video call appointment. Once the appointment is confirmed we need to ensure that the link for goes to both the provider and the patient. 

  1. Our API is CLI over SSH. You can access the API via a .NET application by using a library that allows you to establish a SSH connection. You would then create plain text CLI commands to send to the API. The API can return JSON structured data. You could use a .NET JSON parser library to parse the replies. We have not build any .NET code to exercise the API.

  2. There is a CLI command for that. See the Command overview and Command reference for details: there are links to that documentation from this page: https://developer.zoom.us/docs/zr-csapi/

  3. Currently, there is no API call to schedule a meeting. However, you can use Calendar integration, and then schedule a meeting on the calendar; that meeting is automatically pushed to the Zoom Room, and you can launch a scheduled meeting on the Zoom Room using the API. There is info here on our support site on how to configure Calendar integration with Zoom Rooms: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/200108436-Zoom-Rooms