Web Builder bottleneck

My company wants to embed Zoom in their site, the problem is, we use a web builder, Squarespace, that barely allow us to do any back end and we have no way to just migrate,we cant make a redirect URI which we need to make the app.
However, we thought of a workaround, I can make a new domain just to redirect and mode our token over there, but we fear that the different domains will clash with Zoom´s Authentification
we also fear that Squarespace wont work with the integration because of the limited back end

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum! Happy to hear you are developing on Zoom. Achieving that workflow is possible. Another option to consider is using AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Function for authentication and passing it through. In terms of Squarespace, it’s hard to say if it will cause any problems, however, we have seen other developers successfully integrate web builders. We’re always here to support you during your development journey.

Let us know if you have any more questions.