How to tie individual zoom accounts to individually hosted websites


I could use help understanding an appropriate flow for our integration.

We host many websites, each owned by individual users.
We would like to offer an interface into their own Zoom accounts, where they could display some basic information, such lists of links to zoom to view recorded meetings, lists of scheduled meetings, and the ability to register for scheduled meetings.

Is there an authentication flow where we can provide an oauth sign in (in our users’ account backend interface), where the zoom account owner connects their site to their zoom account, which we can use to obtain persistent credentials that server side code on their website will use to publicly display their meetings and allow meeting registrations?

It appears to me that the only option we have is to ask each site/zoom owner to create a JWT app in the marketplace, they then can provide to us their key/secret which we will use to make that interface.

What would be the recommended process for doing something like this?


You would want to:

  1. Create an OAuth app
  2. Set the app to be Account-Level
  3. Add Feature -> Event Subscription, and subscribe to Meeting.Created/Updated, Recording.Completed, etc… (depending upon the data you want to display).
  4. Add Scopes for: View All Meetings, View All Recordings, etc…
  5. Test that app using your own Zoom account, installing locally.
  6. After successful installation, show the configuration URL to the user, and allow them to choose the types of features/data they want to expose (you’ll need to become familiar with all the nuances of various Zoom Objects/Products: Meetings, Recordings, Webinars, etc…
  7. Once configured, have your backend system (which now has an access_token able to make requests to the Zoom REST API on that account’s behalf) query the REST API to get enough data to populate their website’s UI
  8. Make sure your app is configured to listen for Zoom Event Webhooks with the new/modified data as users create it in Zoom.
  9. Submit your app for review by Zoom
  10. Once approved, your app is published to Zoom Marketplace, and customers can install!

ta-da! :smiley:

DO NOT ask Zoom Customers for their JWT API Keys…bad bad bad. :slight_smile:

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