Web Chat errors using zcc-sdk.js / Campaign embedded web tag

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Zoom Web Chat / Campaign integration to website

Getting errors on the website. Can’t open chat. Previously worked using the normal web chat flow with an entry ID. No longer works with new embedded tags.


zcc-sdk.js:71 POST https:// us01cciapi .zoom .us/v1/auth/token/generate/in/visitor/mode 400
zcc-sdk.js:58 [Task:create_token_service] error
zcc-sdk.js:58 [Pipeline] Chat Service Pipeline error

{status: false, errorCode: “19001”,…}
errorCode: “19001”
errorMessage: “ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND[20006] - Bad Request, can not get entry id from request body”
status: false

How To Reproduce
Er… I’ve created the Campaign. Chat flow, etc.
We’ve just purchased our licenses after testing webchat using the Flow’s script:

< script data-chat-entry-id=“XXXX” data-apikey=“XXXX” src=“https:// us01ccistatic .zoom. us/us01cci/web-sdk/chat-client.js”>

This worked fine but we wanted to have some control over the appearance, so we swapped to the configured Campaign we setup:

< script data-apikey=“XXXXX” src=“https:// us01ccistatic .zoom .us/us01cci/web-sdk/zcc-sdk.js”>

Full HTML with broken tags so it shows up :sweat_smile::

< div>
< button class=“btn float-btn btn-success” id=“supportchat”>Start chat
< script data-apikey=“XXXXX” data-el=“#supportchat” src=https://us01ccistatic.zoom.us/us01cci/web-sdk/zcc-sdk.js>
< /script>
< /div>

This no longer works and gets the errors mentioned above.