Web Chat errors using zcc-sdk.js / Campaign embedded web tag - Not working

Hi folks,

We’ve just purchased our licenses after testing webchat using the Flow’s script:

< script data-chat-entry-id=“XXXX” data-apikey=“XXXX” src=“https:// us01ccistatic. zoom .us/us01cci/web-sdk/chat-client.js”>

This worked fine but we wanted to have some control over the appearance, so we swapped to the configured Campaign we setup:

< script data-apikey=“XXXXX” src=“https:// us01ccistatic .zoom .us/us01cci/web-sdk/zcc-sdk.js”>

Full HTML with broken tags so it shows up :sweat_smile::

< div>
< button class=“btn float-btn btn-success” id=“supportchat”>Start chat
< script data-apikey=“XXXXX” data-el=“#supportchat” src=https://us01ccistatic.zoom.us/us01cci/web-sdk/zcc-sdk.js>
< /script>
< /div>

This has been placed on a already verified and added subdomain, and yet we’re getting errors and the chat won’t open.

zcc-sdk.js:71 POST https:// us01cciapi. zoom. us/v1/auth/token/generate/in/visitor/mode 400
zcc-sdk.js:58 [Task:create_token_service] error
zcc-sdk.js:58 [Pipeline] Chat Service Pipeline error

{status: false, errorCode: “19001”,…}
errorCode: “19001”
errorMessage: “ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND[20006] - Bad Request, can not get entry id from request body”
status: false

Hoping for some help and guidance as I was directed here by a Zoom support agent.

When you use the data-el tag, it is not using Campaign mode, so you need to include the data-chat-entry-id in the script tag to identify which Web chat flow you want to trigger when user clicks on your #supportchat button. Once you add that it should work.