Web Client SDK Gallery Functionality Question - Linked Session to Zoom PC App?

We are seeing something unexpected in the Web Client SDK, when our host connects through our portal and the main Zoom meeting app on the PC, and starts sharing via the Zoom PC app, the Web SDK client undocks the gallery view and makes it floating same as their Zoom PC app layout. It is almost like the SDK knows it is the same user, but the our SDK is hosted on our web portal.

All other SDK connections through the portal seem unaffected, just the host.

Is it possible it knows by the same IP the two users are actually the same so the SDK will follow the same gallery view as the active Zoom PC app when host? They are connected as two different “users” but seemed linked in some way for the layout change.

Web SDK client v 1.9.5

Hi @MSRZ ,

Sorry you’re seeing this. Could you share screenshots of this and a link to this post to developersupport@zoom.us, addressed to me?


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