Web component and share screen / speaker view issues on our website

When showing in our website (or just in general) it looks like Zoom does a two column layout and there is no full screen button, so screen share of the host becomes distorted and the speaker screen/profile picture takes up unnecessary space. So they are side by side which isn’t necessary and speaker screen is too large, the screen share is the most important to see and the speaker could go in an overlay or popout or be hidden all together during screen share…

THe other problem is when users join when a screen share is already active, the height explodes and becomes way too tall and shows a massive speaker column with a tiny screen share. So it’s very bizarre behavior.

Is there any way to control this view so we can see the screen share, hide the speaker or put them in the top right?

I don’t seem to be able to drag, choose views, easily see a screen share only resizing the whole window by dragging the corner helps me tinker with the screen share view instead.

Issues with the view I notice are:

  1. Full screen button missing
  2. View switch buttons are missing (gallery or other view)
  3. Unable to control speaker view, making it a popup, giving share screen more room doesn’t seem possible so viewing users screen is very problematic. Our host wants to share screen and allow users to focus on the content and that is the most important to take up the screen

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