Web JS SDK supports Gallery View

Hi Team,

Gallery View Web JS SDK?
We would like to use gallery view, does JS SDK supports Gallery View?


Hi @arunkumar,

Currently our Web client & Web SDK does not have the functionality to use galley view, we only have active speaker at this time. We are working on developing this functionally tentatively around Q2 2020.

Let us know if you need anything else.


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Hi @michael_p.zoom,
Thank you for your replay…
Currently, Web client & Web SDK does not supports Zoom Group meeting with all video on single screen?.



Correct @arunkumar.

The gallery view feature will be coming to the Web SDK around Q2 2020.

You can track our releases here.


Hi @tommy,

         Thanks for you reply...


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Happy to help! :0


I know you guys are going through a lot of changes, at the moment. Any guess as to how much the timing of this feature would be affected?

We’d like to add it to a client app and I’m just trying to map out our own road map. Thanks for any insights.

Hey @ryan2,

The timeline looks more like Q3, Q4.

Stay updated here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog


Any updates on this?

I second that: any updates?

@michael_p.zoom Can you confirm where in Web SDK the active speaker information is provided? We are trying to do speaker diarization so this will be quite important.

Is there any update on support–or at least the timeline–for gallery view with the Web SDK?


We need too the Gallery view in the web SDK


Hi All, is there a more solid update on this?

This is really top priority feature. Lots of web apps depending on it…
Unfortunately, the tentative next release has no mention of it, meaning it’s release isn’t anytime close.

I am developing a web app for one of the largest conference in Africa, which comes up on the 26th of August 2020, and the gallery view feature doesn’t seem to available yet.

So sad :sleepy:

@tommy, now that we’re approaching Q4 is there any update on the road map? Any other features that might allow developers to choose different video stream options?


Hello Guys,
Do you have any update on Gallery View in Web SDK.

Please update on this feature ,Gallery View in web SDK

@tommy , Gallery view is indeed a very critical feature gap that blocks a lot of prospects from using web SDK. some visibility on the timelines would be really helpful. Could we please get this priortized.

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Hello. Gallery View mode is urgent for us and our customers. We hope it’s get prioritized. Thank you.