Web JS SDK supports Gallery View

Hello Zoom Team!

Any news about gallery view support? We need it badly. ETA maybe?

Best regards

Hi Zoom Team,

Any update about the gallery view support in web sdk?


Dear Zoom Team, just to emphasize: We also hoped for the gallery view feature in the latest update - do you have any hint when we will be able to work with that - I get almost daily requests here?!


+1 for this feature.
Some of my clients left Zoom because of this…

@tommy We tried Video Gallery in webinar mode, which is not displaying either for users of the Web Sdk. I assume this is the same issue? The missing video gallery is the only blocker for us on using Webinar.

@tommy I am using the version 1.9.0, I see that the gallery view is enabled for private meeting but not for webinar, is that correct or I am missing something?

Hi! using websdk 1.9.0, is there a possibility to use gallery view? Thanks!

Hi, using websdk 2.3.5 gallery view show on webinar, but not show on meeting.

There is now documentation on how to enable Gallery View and the SharedArrayBuffer that is required

Hi, even updating the sdk (2.6.0) and following the documentation did not work.

typeof SharedArrayBuffer === 'function'; // returns true in page