Web Meeting SDK 2.14 with Safari 16 requires rejoining audio

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Zoom Web Meeting SDK 2.14 (and also tested in 2.13), using Zoom Meeting SDK Angular

When joining a Zoom Webinar on iOS and iPadOS 16, the first tap to Join Audio by Computer results in no audio heard. It requires the user to tap Leave Computer Audio, then Join Audio by Computer again to hear any audio.

We have added disablePreview under init as the main use case is to allow users to join Zoom Webinar as participant.

                    leaveUrl: headerData.leaveUrl,
                    disablePreview: true,
                    success: (result: any) => {
                            sdkKey: headerData.clientId,
                            signature: signature,
                            meetingNumber: bodyData.zoom_meeting_number,
                            passWord: bodyData.zoom_password,
                            userName: bodyData.username,
                            userEmail: bodyData.email,
                            tk: tk,
                            success: (success) => {
                            error: (error) => {
                    error: (error) => {
                      isSupportChat: false,
                      disableInvite: true,
                      isSupportNonverbal: false,
                      showMeetingHeader: false

No error seen in console.

Troubleshooting Routes
Also tested with SDK 2.13 with the same results.

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