There is no sound when joining a meeting in the iPhone or iPad browser

During the debugging of Web SDK, iPhone or iPad joined the meeting using the browser, but the voice of the other party could not be heard when the other party shared the meeting, prompting that the browser needs to be changed. After the change, the situation of the browser is the same, and the Android device is normal. May I ask how to deal with this problem

Hi @380076857 ,

Could you clarify which version of video web SDK you’re experiencing this please and if there are any console errors you see when the iphone or ipad users joined?

Please see here for browser support for video web sdk: Zoom Video SDK for Web

sdk2.5 , They are all prompting to change the browser

Hi @380076857 ,

Ah I believe this is intended for the Web Meeting SDK then, not Web Video SDK as Meeting has version 2.5 and higher.

I’m going to edit this post category.

Can you please share a screen recording/screen shots of the prompts to change the browser if this is still occurring when you update to version 2.7?

I may ask for follow up info such as meetingId and accountId.

I also recommend querying and supplying the response body of the meeting participants QoS to see if there’s more data about the audio across participants using iPhone or iPad: Zoom Meeting API

The meeting.alert webhook event could also offer some helpful input on audio issues.

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