Web Meeting SDK Component View for webinars does NOT show multiple participants videos

I have been working on Web Meeting SDK Component View for webinars and noticed that
whenever there are multiple participants, there is a single participant’s video shown instead of two or three.

I have checked that multiple participants videos shown in the same webinar session when using Zoom web client, but not on the component view.

Is this what normally component view for webinars does?
Or am I missing something?

what version of sdk are you using? i have a similar problem, i can’t display video host using component view, but it works in client view. i use meeting sdk 2.7.0

solved it.

I had to implement ’ Cross-Origin Isolation’ to allow browser to use ’ SharedArrayBuffer’ for multiple participants videos.

I followed the steps in the document below:

I use the same version as yours: 2.7.0, and my problem was solved when I implemented ’ Cross-Origin Isolation’.
I hope your problem will be solved by the same method.

i have tried to implement cross-origin isolation but still no effect, my error is like the image, did i miss something during configuration?