WEB SDK Sample Web App -- The web client cannot see videos of other web clients


I am using the sample web sdk app to test the layout when multiple users joining the meetings.

So I run the sample app successfully and I can see the web client video stream from my desktop Zoom App.

** Problem
I cannot see the all videos, I can only see just one.

** Reproduce
What I only modified is I created a new email input element so the meeting can distinguish users.

Then I just opened several new tabs and went to the sample web sdk app. Enter different user email, username, enter the same meeting id, role, password and join meeting.

** Screenshot
This screenshot shows that the web app can only receive one video stream, the one from Zoom Desktop. Actually there are 3, 2 web clients and 1 Zoom Desktop. Due to the restrictions of new users, I can only post 1 screenshot here.

Since I am developing locally and using http protocol, I’m not sure if that would be the problem.

** Expectation
I want to do some style overriding in web client, to change the layout when displaying the list of participants video boxes. How can I display all participant videos using WebSDK? I don’t know if it is a bug or I just didn’t find the correct way.
I’m using Web SDK 1.7.8.


Hey @stan,

Currently the Web SDK only supports active and self speaker view, not gallery or ribbon view.