Web SDK 2.7.0 [Component View]: Success & Error callbacks don’t run in client .join()

success & error callbacks don’t run in the this.client.join() function. The functionality of my Web SDK actually works okay - so I can join meetings without an issue. But I want to be able to add custom functions in the error callback and success callbacks. They just don’t seem to run at all.

strange - it works for me

test with 2.6.0

test with 2.7.0

no differences

UPDATE: I have only tested “success” not “error”

UPDATE 2: if I remove the meetingNumber from ZoomMtg.join → no callback “error” (with 2.7.0) and “Joining Meeting” message endless - no timeout => error handler is broken

I’m using websdk/embedded. I see you’re using just websdk. Please try with ZoomMtgEmbedded.createClient(); and let me know?

sdkKey: this.sdkKey,
signature: signature,
meetingNumber: this.meetingNumber,
password: this.passWord,
userName: this.userName,
userEmail: this.userEmail,

  success: (success) => {
    console.log("success);", success);
  error: (error) => {
    console.error("error", error);

@j.schoenemeyer let me know if it is working for you. Thanks in advance!

I have tries the zoom component example

and changed console.log


→ both success messages (init + join) are called (error not tested)