Web SDK & Api limitation


I would like to know if the Web SDK is subject to the limitations of requests to the API

For example, i have a webinar this week-end and i would like to use the web SDK to show the webinar on my webpage.

When a user join the webinar, does this use an API Call ?
If yes, does it count on the account limitation ?

Also, Is it possible to increase this limit ?

Thank you !

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Still didn’t find any information about this + the support send me back to the forum… Can someone help ?

Hi @Tatsuyiaki

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!

When a user join the webinar, does this use an API Call ?
If yes, does it count on the account limitation ?

When a user join the webinar it wont call any APIs.

Can you elaborate your question a little bit more. I do not want to give you a wrong answer

Hi Elisa !

I have the Web SDK hosted on several event websites for my company.

My question was whether, when using the SDK, there was any limitation on the requests produced by it.

To explain, we have recurring webinars throughout the year, with the SDK we want to simplify the life of our users by allowing them to instantly join the webinar from a web page.

I saw in the documentation that there were limitations on API requests, so I was concerned if the SDK was subject to the same limitations to avoid losing participants.

To explain further, our participants register on our event site. They receive a confirmation email with a personalised link where the SDK is hosted. Once on this page, we check the URL information (through a unique token) and validate the user’s connection.

I hope this is a bit clearer for you and that I haven’t gone too far in my explanations

Thank you!

Hi @Tatsuyiaki ,

When a user joins a webinar, it does not use an API call. A user joining is considered an event, not a request to the API :slight_smile: .

If you would like to track when a user joins, you can use our Webhooks. This also does not count as an API request.


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How can I use webhooks sdk on my website, I have to arrange webinar on my website where only my registered user can join

Greetings, @johnalex4500029,

Are you looking to embed the Web SDK into your site? If so, down below I’ve linked our developer support article on that:

Also, have you tried searching the Developer Forum for a solution ? Check out these 50+ results for 50+ results for Embed SDK here: → 50+ results for Embed SDK results

If you don’t find an answer, please submit a ticket to us at developersupport@zoom.us – we are always happy to help!


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