Web SDK displays other participants Video up side down

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How can I make my Web SDK to stop displaying an upside down videos of other participants
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I got no errors . Every other thing was working perfectly

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SDK 1.7.8
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  1. Go to ‘…’
    i). git clone https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web.git --branch master --depth 1
    ii). cd sample-app-web/Local
    iii). npm install
    iv). replaced my api secret and key
    v). Used vscode live server to serve the index.html on chrome browser
  2. Click on ‘…’
    Created a zoom meeting with my mobile phone and joined with the web sdk


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Hey @lawrenceughonu,

That is not good haha! :slight_smile:

I could not reproduce the issue though. Make sure the participant (the upside down video) has their device the right side up.


Thank you so much Mr Tommy.
I ensure that the participants camera was correctly position but when I view them through the sdk web app their images would still upside-down.
I try opening multiple taps of the sdk web app on my chrome browser and I observe that each of the difference tab were showing an inverted video of each other. That is from the first tab the second will appear inverted and from the second the first will appear inverted

Hey @lawrenceughonu,

Okay, can you send me a github repo that has this issue so I can debug locally? Do you have any custom CSS that might be conflicting with the Web SDK CSS?

I am still not able to reproduce this issue.


The git repo is this
https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web.git --branch master --depth 1
I copied the repo from the site below

I try the whole process all over again

  1.  git clone https://[github.com/zoom/sample-app-web.git](http://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web.git) --branch master --depth 1
  2. cd sample-app-web/CDN

  3. Change the YOUR_API_KEY and YOUR_API_SECRET

  4. npm install

  5. npm run start

  6. created a zoom meeting with my mobile phone

  7. joined with the sdk web app via meeting id and password.

  8. I noticed that on the web app the video of the host ( my mobile phone) will be upside down

  9. while the host( mobile phone) will see the participant’s image (web sdk which was running on my pc: Ubuntu 18.04) the right way.

Mr Tommy I am so grateful for your effort to help me out, I hope we will be able to find the solution to the problem soon.

Hey @lawrenceughonu,

Thanks for the additional details! Can you share the screenshot of what it looks like from your mobile phone?


Please pardon the darker background. I had to use a torch as a source of light because it’s 01:41 and there’s no power supply.

Thanks @lawrenceughonu!

This is strange, I cannot reproduce the issue. Can I ask what type of computer and version of chrome you are using?


I tried running the SDK app on firefox using my ubuntu 18.04 and it worked fine.
Maybe something could be wrong with my chrome browser.
Thanks for your assistance.
It just feels like a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders.:dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:

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Hey @lawrenceughonu,

Happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile: