Web SDK Enable Gallery View

I saw that the web join UI now has gallery view, when will the Web SDK have the same feature? We upgraded to the latest, but noticed it’s not there yet.

Hi @landon.isaacs,

You can keep up to date with the API roadmaps by visiting Trello. Currently the gallery and ribbon view features have been in ‘Short Term’ for a few months, so I’d expect to see them released very soon.

Also, check out the below from time to time, since it will announce any imminent changes.


Hey @alexmayo and @landon.isaacs,

Thank you for the input @alexmayo! That’s very helpful. I can confirm that information is correct, adding a gallery view is on our roadmap and will be added very soon.

Let me know if you have any questions @landon.isaacs.


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@MaxM Are y’all still updating that Trello roadmap?
I check it every few days, since I’m also anxiously awaiting gallery view for web.
But I see it hasn’t been updated since August and still has Breakout Rooms as “near term” even though I thought that was added in the last release.

Hey @jon13210 ,

For the most up to date near term roadmap, checkout this page:


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