Web sdk: "given action "show_joindialog", reducer "meetingui" returned undefined"


I am trying the SDK to join a meeting. Following the example here https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web allows me to join a meeting as a participant through the SDK. But, this still opens the join audio by Computer dialog. Is there any way in which I can skip this screen?

The above error in the title was obtained when using ZoomMtg.init with disableJoinAudio set to true while trying to achieve my goal in the above paragraph. i.e. join a meeting given a meetingId without any manual clicks in between.


Hi @Shruti_Kapoor,

We’re currently looking into this issue, we’ll reply back shortly to see why this is happening.



Hi MIchael, Any update on this?


Hi @Shruti_Kapoor,

Currently, we don’t support skipping the dialog when joining a meeting. Our Engineers can look into this enhancement for a future release.



Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply.