Web SDK - inMeetingServiceListener - more event to listen to

Basic idea: improving inMeetingServiceListener functionalities by offering a way to listen to every single action (that would trigger a real action through the SDK) a user would do in a meeting.

The release 1.8.0 of Web SDK will finally introduce the inMeetingServiceListener and offer the possibility to react based on events emitted from the zoom components. This first version will only offer 4 events related to connectivity lifecyle in a meeting (connecting, connected, leave, reconnecting), not much but it’s a good start.
We would like to have more not to say to be able to react on any action / event happening on a zoom UI component.

Why this request ?
We want to improve the integration of zoom part in our application so that zoom part is less and less just a black box that we add to an existing application. That would help to build better interactive application as well.


  • WebHooks are a way to be aware of what’s happening in a meeting, but from our perspective this is usefull for backend part of a system (mainly because of asynchronous & potential delays (not talking about the fact that they are not delivered sometime for technical reasons)
    We cannot rely on WebHook on the UI side of an application to build something reactive and interactive.
  • We could also implements listeners ourselves based on zoom DOM elements (that’s what we are doing now for critical needs) but this is kind of “evil” solution anybody should avoid. Main reason is that we would expose our code to your code. Any internal change on the Web SDK about how these DOM elements are generated and how they behave would break or affect how our application code works.

So that’s why we think that the SDK and this inMeetingServiceListener object is a good place to add more listening features to achieve that. After all, that’s why it’s called a SDK.

How do you think ?

  • Is that possible / fit your plans ?
  • What would be the delays to obtain more events to listen to ?

Kind regards,

Here is the list of coming events (from the documentation):

  • onUserJoin
  • onUserLeave
  • onUserIsInWaitingRoom
  • onMeetingStatus

Here is a list of what we would like:

  • onUserIsLeaveWaitingRoom or onUserIsBackToMeeting : this one should be the opposite of onUserIsInWaitingRoom so that we can trigger additional action when the user leave the waiting rule due to putOnHold(false, id) performed by the host (for example)
  • onUserMuted and onUserUnmuted

UP, can we have feedback whether this is on your future plans or not ?

Also, before implementing new events, are you going to fix / finish the implementation of the inMeetingListener according to what i reported here ?

We appreciate any feedback.

I would like to gain access to live polls or in meeting chat in order to provide more feedback and voting type applications to enhance the chat, Q&A and polls currently available.
Currently, we can only achieve this by going outside of zoom, but it would be more powerful to add features into zoom and could start a range of developments