Web SDK - Use a logging framework (winston for example)

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
The Web SDK is writing useful debugging information on the console output (on client browser). Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a monitoring solution to get these information and centralize it.

Describe the solution you’d like
Instead of using console.log() in javascript, and since you are already including javascript framework dependencies (Node modules), is it possible for you to use a logging framework (winston for example, pretty common and good library) ?
This would enable use to automatically get all logs provided by such library (by doing instrumentation) with our monitoring solution (Datadog) and thefore be able to debug situation happening on client side.
This would also enable us to provide you more useful information on client side when we report bugs.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
We were waiting for our monitoring solution (Datadog) to cover console.log() sniffing functionalities to be able to catch and store Zoom Web SDK logs, but this is the wrong way to do because console.log() can include many unnecessary logs coming from any libraries prompting / using console.log().
The usage of a proper logging library by Zoom would solve this issue in an easier and better way.


I don’t understand, you recently pushed a “new” logger customization on the Web SDK, but obviously it’s still just using console.log instead of using a proper logging library.

Using a logging framework, you would let your customers choose where to render your logs (on the console, forwarded to a monitoring platform like datadog for example, or both)

I cannot understand why such an easy feature request has not been considered yet (it probably take maximum 2 hours for one of your developer to include a dependency on a logging framework and search & replace your console call.


Just a heads up, I haven’t forgotten that you were looking to have this reviewed. To be frank, I’ve had to push this to the bottom of my queue lately due to other issues but I have a reminder to get to this ASAP.


Hi Max,

Understood, thanks

Hey @nvivot,

Thanks again for your patience on this. I’m not seeing any reason that we wouldn’t be able to implement a feature like this and I think it would be really valuable for our team. I’ve started a discussion with our internal team and submitted a feature request directly with engineering.

I’ll let you know when I hear more about if/when this can be implemented. (ZOOM-285698)


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