Web Video SDK: SDK Version Error

Today we keep getting this error randomly when joining call

reason: "The current sdk version is no longer supported, please upgrade to the latest version."
errorCode: 1000

But we’re already using current latest video web sdk version: 1.10.5

Hey @shi88.andy

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you share the information from the ‘Network’ tab in the browser’s devtool when an error occurs again? Filter by ‘ws’, and look for the WebSocket connections starting with a number.

Could you share the host domain marked in the screenshot?


I am currently facing the exact same error case as well.
Could you please take a look at it?
The Host Domains for the WebSocket I am referencing are as follows:
(I can’t embed media)

  • wss://zoomap134224163108rwg.cloud.zoom.us/instantsdk/91313347948
  • wss://zoomap13422416029rwg.cloud.zoom.us/instantsdk/97171266080
  • wss://zoomap134224163134rwg.cloud.zoom.us/instantsdk/99193790022
  • wss://zoomap13422416031rwg.cloud.zoom.us/instantsdk/91800094232

@vic.yang here we got it today on

  • wss://zoomsg134224148185rwg.cloud.zoom.us/instantsdk/98688384530
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Hey @tgfjt @shi88.andy

Thanks for sharing the error cases, we are working on the fix.


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Hey @shi88.andy @tgfjt

Can you share the har file from the network panel when the issue occurs? You can download it from this location in the network panel.

Alternatively, you can filter the WebSocket connections for the “dn2” keyword and share a screenshot of the Messages tab with us.


@vic.yang Thanks!

This is dn2 messages:


Additionally, this is a HAR file that has been filtered specifically for “zoom” data. (I apologize, but due to confidentiality reasons, I am unable to provide the entire file.)

filtered HAR JSON / Gist

Hey @tgfjt

From the data that you provided, it seems that the connection with the server is fine this time. Could you provide more details about the specific issue you are facing?


Thank you for your reply!

In the case I’m encountering, the status initially becomes “Connected,” but then quickly changes to “Closed.”
I can confirm that I am added during the “user-added” event. However, this addition event occurs repeatedly, followed by a change to “Closed” status. Then, an error message stating “The current sdk version is no longer supported, please upgrade to the latest version” is displayed, along with an “Invalid Parameter” error.