Webcam image gets corrupted after fixed delay (+/- 15 secs)

Browser : Chrome
OS: Windows

For about 15 - 20 seconds my webcam stream renders normally (quality 360p), but then suddenly the video is garbled / starts flickering. What could cause that? I’m using the webcam in the Teams, Zoom client etc and there it works fine

Edit: it happens on a video-dimension-change event

the webcam starts out sending 640x360 but then switches to 1280x720.

I also noticed there’s a duplicate video-dimension-change event being sent

Hi @fides-it ,

To make sure I understand your concern correctly, you’ve added in a video-dimension-change event and when that fires, your camera is flickering. Is that correct? If so, does the flickering stop after a certain amount of time, or persist?
Additionally, what version of the Video SDK for Windows are you using?

the video-dimension-change is triggered by the Zoom client. I don’t do anything with that event, except log it. I get two of these events simultaneously

the flickering is persistent from the time it starts. I’ve tried stopping/restarting the video rendering with an higher quality (720) but that was rejected by the Zoom stream

I’m using @zoom1234/videosdk version 1.9.8

Hey @fides-it

Can you provide a recording of the issue or report logs to us through client telemetry when the issue occurs?

I generated a report with telemetry tracking id 3ca89cfd-4f99-4e01-89b4-1772ade23a93

Hey @fides-it
Thank you for your assistance.

We couldn’t find relevant logs.

Could you please confirm if you have called the clientSideTelemetry.reportToGlobalTracing() method?


I didn’t create the LoggerClient before joining, but after, which I just fixed and did a retry. Now it should be ok: b511096e-c094-4633-939e-e1c5439b4557

Hey @fides-it

I’m sorry, but we still couldn’t find relevant logs.

  1. Set tracking ID in JWT token
  2. Get the telemetry client
    const clientSideTelemetry = client.getLoggerClient();
  3. Send the logs after the issue occurs.

Or could you share the session ID for the problematic session with us?


I made mistake on the JWT token generation part… I reproduced it again, the info is:

session : LgnEehI9RmC6KR+4Ehkw1g==
tracing id : 665c3c0a-51fb-402a-9146-4d94ebff1727

sorry for the inconvenience

Hey @fides-it

Thank you for your assistance.

We have been able to see the relevant logs, but would like to confirm with you.

The session lasted for approximately 4 minutes, and the resolution change occurred around 30 seconds later. However, the logs we received only contain data from the first 5 seconds after the session started.

Did you call the clientSideTelemetry.reportToGlobalTracing() method too early, rather than waiting until the issue occurred? If so, we might not see the relevant logs when the issue happens.


Hey Vic,

Hmm interesting… I definitely called clientSideTelemetry.reportToGlobalTracing() after the issue occurred, but here’s what I did:

  • create clientSideTelemetry client
  • create JWT token
  • join session
  • have another participant join
  • wait until video-dimension-change event with height = 720. The issue occurs when switching from 480p to 720p
  • trigger clientSideTelemetry.reportToGlobalTracing() with a delay of 5 seconds

I checked in the logs that the call to reportToGlobalTracing was made 5 seconds after the issue occurred. I’m not sure if the 5 seconds delay (with setTimeout()) somehow resets the recording of logs? I will try it again without the delay

Here’s a new attempt without delay:


Hey @fides-it

Thank you for your support.

Can you call the clientSideTelemetry.reportToGlobalTracing() method when leaving the session? This approach would provide more comprehensive logs compared to the current ones, which have a limited duration.


Good idea, I just did that, here’s the new session ID + tracking ID:


Hey @fides-it

Thanks for your support.

You mentioned video flickering and garbled. Could you record a video or take a screenshot for us to see?

Currently, from the logs reported, we cannot identify any obvious issues. Also, is the video of the problematic user normal for other participants in the same session?


Here it is:

Hey @fides-it

This is very interesting! We are also encountering this issue for the first time.

We are trying to analyze the logs and reproduce the issue.

I will keep you updated on any developments.


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