Webhook automatic revalidation

Hi, I have a problem with the revalidation of the endpoint for my webhook for cloud recordings ;

At first I had badly set up my endpoint and the automatic revalidation took place but had not worked the first 2 times because my endpoint was not set up well.

But since I debug it, the validation works well manually the first time, but it seems that Zoom does not offer an automatic revalidation… When I go back to the marketplace app, I find my endpoint not validated when I had validated it a first time manually (like 3 hours ago).

For information, my app is a server-to-server app, I activated it but there’s no intent to publish it.

Am I missing something with the automatic revalidation ? It seems to work at first, but since it’s been refused the first times, it doesn’t work anymore and my endpoint “de”-validate itself…

Thank you for your precious help !

Hi @laurie1
Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention.
According to our Docs, Zoom will automatically revalidate webhooks every 72 hours.


Am I understanding this correctly, you are successfully validating your Endpoint URL and it only lasts around 3 hours, then you have to manually validate it again?

Hi @elisa.zoom,

as stated in this comment here:

it seems that it doesn’t even take 3 hours to see the “Validate the event notification endpoint URLs before activating the app” again.

It might not be the case for @laurie1, but this is what I’m seeing on my end.

Thank you for your help!

Thanks @MelisaB I have also replied in the other thread.
I will engage with our Engineering team about this and will update you accordingly

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We are also experiencing this with our internal apps as we get ready for review. We also click validate without any issues then it seems to “invalidate” after a successful validation ~3 hours later without any changes to the application configuration or backing validation code.

Hi @chris.miller
Thanks for reaching out.
When you get this message asking you to validate your app again, are you still able to receive events on your endpoint, or do you stop getting events at all