Constant manual re-validation required for Webhooks

API Webhook endpoint & validation

  • webinar registration
  • webinar ended

When creating and validating a webhook, I get a success, however the endpoint randomly invalidates itself in only a few hours. The documentation describes that if an endpoint is invalidated or does not pass the CRC check, we will receive an email notifying us of said issue. We have not received a single email, this is just a silent failure with no further details to the developer.

We receive webhook events for several hours until it decides to remove validation for our domain.

I have not seen any errors on our end that could/would cause this. We are also not receiving any errors from Zoom

How To Reproduce

  • Create a webhook
  • Validate your endpoint and receive the “Success!” message
  • Wait a few hours and check the developer portal, it is showing as needing to be validated again.
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Adding more context—our support ticket was open for 5 days, then we were told to open an issue here.