Webhook call filtering

I am currently developing an account level OAuth app that few users in an enterprise would use. The functionality also requires receiving webhook events when meeting started, ended, recording available etc.

Looking at the functionality, I see currently when an account-level app is installed, app would send out webhook calls for all users in the account for every meeting in the company.

Imagine a large Zoom customer who has 100000 users and only about 100 users in that company use my app. Then we would receive webhook calls for all the 100000 users as I don’t see a way to limit the webhook calls for just my users. That would mean I would have scale my service to handle all the webhook calls only to discard most of them.

I cannot use a user level app as we need access some account level APIs. Is there a way to limit the webhook calls to the meetings initiated by my app? Any other recommended practices for this?

Hey @kc10,

There is no way to limit which users have webhooks enabled for an account level app except for setting “All users, vs. user who installed the app”.

A work around for you could be to create a seperate User Level App that has webhooks enabled, and have just the 100 users install that app, so you only get webhooks from the users you want.

Otherwise, you will have to filter out the 100,000 webhook calls by userId or some other method in your code.


Thanks @tommy. Yes, that is the way we are looking to go for now. But there is overhead with managing and publishing another app and asking each user to authorize.

It would be great if Zoom can accept a feature request to limit the webhook calls to meetings initiated from the app. Such a feature would help both Zoom and us, so we don’t have to scale just to check and discard calls and Zoom can also cut down outbound webhook calls that are of no interest for a subscriber.

Hey @kc10,

I’m glad Tommy’s workaround can help for now.

That said, you raise a great use case, and we can definitely appreciate the value in being able to limit the webhook calls as you’ve described. While I’m happy to raise this with our team, I’d also encourage you to post this in our #feature-requests channel, if you’re so inclined. :slight_smile:


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