Webhook calling with an invalid HTTP request

I’ve created webhook app that is making Zoom to call my url: https://softalks.com/zoom/handler

The problem is that Zoom is invoking this endpont without even specifying an HTTP method, URI and protocol/version resulting in a BadRequest (HTTP 400 status code) response from my server

My server log:

#Fields: c-dns cs-method cs-uri sc-status
#Version: 2.0
#Software: Apache Tomcat/9.0.58 (Ubuntu) POST /zoom/handler 204 null null 400

The first line references a simulated invocation from my own client.

The second one is the only Zoom footprint in my server logs and it appears each time a registered event is notified by Zoom to my server

The IP address seems to be the Zoom address, where event notifications are fired from

I’ve tested also to log the x-H(protocol) field and is it has no value when called from Zoom (it was expected to get an " HTTP/1.1" or " HTTP/2.0" value instead as I get from any other HTTP invocation)

The log file format is based on this standard: Extended Log File Format

Thanks in advance