Webhook is working on my local system but not working on server

I have create a webhook form zoom marketplace app on meeting end and it is working fine on my local system with ngrok URL.
But when i trying to do same thing after deploying code on server , webhook is not getting hit when I’m ending the meeting .
I had check the configuration of local app and development app both are same .
This is my local ngrok URL :https://9567-182-74-85-106.in.ngrok.io/webhook/meeting-webhook
and this is my server URL :https://myappurl.com/webhook/meeting-webhook

Please help me out with this .

Hi @ravi.kumar5 ,

Try the troubleshooting route outlined here:

You have two different apps? Are they Webhook only apps or something else?

Yes I have two different app .
Both app has different URL(local and server ).
Webhooks for app as well as zoom meeting .

@ravi.kumar5 is it the “webhook only” app type or one of the other marketplace apps (e.x. OAuth App)?

Hi @gianni.zoom
Thanks for the reply .
Actually webhook endpoints are not hitting in any scope but it was working on local systame .

Hi @ravi.kumar5 ,

This is what I mean:

Which app types are you developing?

It is zoom marketplace app .
For instance app marketplace.

I’m developing Zoom Apps.

Is there any different configuration for local system and on server system to run webhooks.
I’m totally able to hit webhooks on my local system with ngrok but when i trying to do same thing on server .It’s start not hitting the same webhooks .
If possible can we connect to solved it ?

Am I missing anything in the configuration file ?