Webhook Only app does not work using Ngrok

I am using webhook only app to subscribe start and end meeting event.
I am working in local server using ngrok to get tunel.
I’ve tested my webhook URL endpoint using postman with simple JSON body param, and the endpoint was accessible and returned status 200OK.

I’ve tested with create several meetings and I trigger start & end for the meeting
but the webhook URL endpoint seems like does not fired
I cheked into webhook log and there is empty

What’s wrong with my config?


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Webhook Only App

Additional context
The my actual meeting ID is REDACTED


Hi @ahmadnasikin ,

So you have the most recent Ngrok url for your live server as the “event notification url”?

Thank you,

Hi @gianni.zoom

Actually, I am newbe in zoom API & webhook
I am testing in localhost server, that use Ngrok to tunnel the URL as HTTPS

My recent Ngrok URL as the “event notification URL” is https://09fd-182-3-137-136.ngrok.io
I’ve just re-running the Ngrok
so, my recent meeting detail is as follow

    "uuid": "xxxxxxx",
    "id": 74019837346,
    "host_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxYE881cTg",
    "host_email": "ahmadnasikinbinmashadi@gmail.com",
    "topic": "Webhook zoom OAuth",
    "type": 2,
    "status": "waiting",
    "start_time": "2022-02-10T03:10:00Z",
    "duration": 15,
    "timezone": "Asia/Jakarta",
    "created_at": "2022-02-10T03:03:08Z",
    "start_url": "xxxxxx",
    "join_url": "xxxxxxx",
    "password": "xxxxxx",
    "h323_password": "xxxx18",
    "pstn_password": "xxxx18",
    "encrypted_password": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "settings": {
        "host_video": true,
        "participant_video": true,
        "cn_meeting": false,
        "in_meeting": false,
        "join_before_host": true,
        "jbh_time": 0,
        "mute_upon_entry": true,
        "watermark": true,
        "use_pmi": false,
        "approval_type": 2,
        "audio": "voip",
        "auto_recording": "none",
        "enforce_login": false,
        "enforce_login_domains": "",
        "alternative_hosts": "",
        "close_registration": false,
        "show_share_button": false,
        "allow_multiple_devices": false,
        "registrants_confirmation_email": true,
        "waiting_room": true,
        "request_permission_to_unmute_participants": false,
        "registrants_email_notification": true,
        "meeting_authentication": false,
        "encryption_type": "enhanced_encryption",
        "approved_or_denied_countries_or_regions": {
            "enable": false
        "breakout_room": {
            "enable": false
        "alternative_hosts_email_notification": true,
        "device_testing": false,
        "focus_mode": false,
        "private_meeting": false,
        "email_notification": true
    "pre_schedule": false

I’ve ended my meeting by far, to testing that my webhook is firing or not
unfortunately the webhook seems like still does not working
I check in logs page and there is still empty

Can you guide me to checking the issue and guide me to make an app correctly?

As info for you, I am using free zoom account
Does it have an effect?


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