Webhook meeting.registration_created is not fired when joined from Mobile

I found two issues:

  • The webhook - meeting.registration_created - is not fired when someone joined from Mobile (I tried it from Android). Its fired when someone joins a meeting from Web Browser or when the register API is called from my application
  • I added phone number as a mandatory field for the meeting. The extra field is displayed in the Web Browser, but not in the Native client.

Am I missing anything? The meeting ID I am having issue is: ***********

Can you help me fix this? We need to track everyone who registers for the meeting and depending upon who joins we want to take further actions. So if the webhooks are not fired, it will be a big problem for us.

Or do you recommend any other workarounds?


*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hi @leenasn, could you help us with what are you ultimately trying to track? Do you have registration required for your meetings?

If you are trying to track participation, the Meeting Participation events may be most useful.

If you are trying to track registration (not participation/join events), could you share your account, user and meeting-level registration settings?


I want to track when someone new registers for the meeting (meeting.registration_created), not the participant joined event ( meeting.participant_joined).

For eg: for the meeting ID ***********, I got a webhook notification when I registered from the desktop browser, but didn’t get any when I registered from my mobile.

My account no is: 53391608 and the registered email is: leena.sn@multunus.com.

Here is the settings for the meeting.

Another issue is that, for meeting ***********, the phone number is given as mandatory. But for the same, the field is not shown in the mobile while the phone number is shown mandatory in the desktop browser.

Attaching the screenshot of the registration form in the phone:

And this is the registration form as appeared in the desktop browser, for the same meeting:

Let me know if you need any further info.


*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

@michael.harrington Can the “Registration_Created” webhook-not-firing-on-mobile issue be fixed soon?

That is critical for our application to function properly.

Any update on this? Or is there any workaround you recommend for us to move forward?

Let me know if you need any further info on this?


Hey @vaidy, @leenasn,

I have notified our webhook engineers and we are investigating. I will update you asap. (ZOOM-158133)


Hey @leenasn,

Per checking, the host of the meeting is you (your email), hence when you used your email to register for the meeting, it would not trigger the meeting.registration_created webhook.


Hey Tommy,

Yes, I am the host of the meeting. But when I tried to join the meeting from a different phone (I am not logged into Zoom), I didn’t get the webhook. You can try that yourself for the meeting with ID: 89332572563.

When you give this meeting ID in the phone, it asks for registration but doesn’t fire the webhook. I tested this from multiple phones, it doesn’t work.

Hope it is clear now.

Hey @leenasn, @vaidy,

Can you please send me a screenshot of this page?

Update I found the screenshot in your post above, we are investigating.


Can you please provide an update on this? @tommy

Thank you!

Hey @vaidy,

No update yet. I have pinged engineering to prioritize this.

Thanks for your patience,