Webhook not firing consistenly

I have a JWT app. I set up Event Subscriptions for When recording is complete. My webhook is https://www.encountertruth.com/wp-json/zoom/v1/endpoint

But sometimes, it gets called 4 or 5 times. There was one time it was hit 28 times for the same meeting. This is triggered when Recording is complete.

Then I have some times that it doesnt get called at all. Can someone help me troubleshoot this?

My webhook takes the URL of the videos and uploads them to Amazon S3 then deletes them from Zoom.

Hi @4katsemail,

Can you please provide more details on this issue, like logs, screenshots etc, so that we can provide you with specific recommendations?


Ojus –

We are having issues with either not getting the video moved over to our site, or we are getting as many as 28 copies of just one program. I’m sorry – but I have deleted all the excessive copies. Usually it’s around 8, but one of our Monday programs generated 28 copies via the webhook.

Here is a list of the programs that it entirely missed:

Plus we have one that is in our back office right now that is completely blank, yet the real video is in our zoom back office. This was a program just last Friday.

  1. 4-11-19 13:31 Katie & The Wolff

  2. 4-16-19 18:47 Kiingdom Quest

  3. 4-22-19 13:55 Truth Transcends Color

  4. 4-24-19 19:48 Materiality

  5. 4-30-19 18:50 Kingdom Quest

  6. 5-2-19 13:45 Katie & The Wolff

  7. 5-3-19 11:06 Understanding The Threat

  8. 5-10-19 13:55 1st recording Truth Transcends Color (dual recording in a file for some reason)

I am holding the in my zoom back office in hopes of getting them moved over ASAP.



Hi @4katsemail,

I am working on your request and will get back to you shortly.


Is there a way to see logs from that event notification? Perhaps my script to upload to Amazon is taking too long so its “failing”?

Hi @4katsemail,

You can see the api logs at https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/logs?type=api ,

and the webhook logs here:

Does that answer your question?

Also to resolve your above issue, we may have to request some private credentials from you. Can you please send a support request to developersupport@zoom.us ?

It does not record logs there. I do not use the API. I use the Javascript SDK. There is a section in there under Feature then Event Subscriptions. I will email you credentials.


Please send us an email at developersupport@zoom.us, and we will assist you on that platform.