Zoom webhooks do not always fire

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We have been running a system to automate the download and archiving of our recordings on Zoom. Up until about 1-2 months ago, this worked fine. Then we noticed some users complaining that their recordings did not show up in our system. Over the last week or two this has gotten worse. When we look at our payload logs, it would appear that the Zoom webhooks do not always fire for ‘All recordings have completed’ and ‘Recording transcript files have completed’. The result, is no entry in our logs for the missing webhooks.

This appears to be a random issue, and most webhooks do fire. No specific user is having this issue, it would appear to randomly affect all users.

Not seeing any errors. Notice that there are no webhook logs for our app on Zoom. Is that normal?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Is there an issue with webhooks not always working? Is there a way to see a log of Zoom webhooks so we can verify conclusively this issue not on our end.

Possibly related to Stopped receiving certain webhook events?

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Hi, @khronos,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum, and we appreciate the details. Curious how frequently you see webhook delays? I’ve linked several support articles which provide more insight into the behavior you are seeing and include tips for addressing it. Please review and let us know if you have any following up questions.

Notification delivery

Not receiving Webhooks

Webhook delays

We are not seeing delays as you comment and we do receive web hooks, just not all of them. For the most part we get all the web hooks, but occasionally a web hook for a recording is not sent, so our recording never gets transferred. We log all web hooks to our server regardless of what is in them, and the missing web hooks simple aren’t in the logs, which suggests Zoom either isn’t firing consistently, or Zoom web hooks can’t reach our server for some reason. Given that your web hooks will retry a total of 3 times, it is unlikely our server is not reachable all 3 times, especially since we do receive other web hooks from Zoom during the same bracket of time.

We currently use 2 web hooks on our Account-level app with JWT Credentials:

Event Type: Recording:

  • All recordings have completed
  • Recording Transcript files have completed

Is there a place in our Zoom Marketplace account where all web hooks are logged, or perhaps where failed sending of a web hook is logged?

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