Webhooks fired many times in a short time

We are using recording.complete webhook to recieve the completed recordings.
From around last saturday we are getting requests from the webhook many times in a very short time.

Sometimes there are 4 requests in a 30 second gap. Is there a potential fix to this or is this a known issue?

This seems to be related to


Hey @chamathpali,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

Have you checked to make sure you don’t potentially have more than 1 app under your account subscribed to the same event? Or perhaps you have both the dev and prod version of your app installed?

Let me know if either of these options might explain it.


Yes it only uses one JWT app and the only webhook subscribed is recording.complete.
It’s only used in the prod environment.


Hey @chamathpali,

Thank for confirming. Can you please send us the 4 payloads, as well as confirm the email address of the JWT app owner? You can send these to us at developersupport@zoom.us. This will help to take a closer look.

Thank you,

Hey @will.zoom ,
Sent an email with the details.

Thanks @chamathpali,

We will continue the conversation with you there.


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